AKTUELLT ARKIV C.V. PRESENTATION m.e.soundsandrecordings
michael ellburg
me@michaelellburg.se mobil:0733837202
installationer objekt paintings digitalgrafik dokumentation projekt
September 2007 ICA-Dunaújváros Budapest  
Deltar med digital ljudkomposition: "backgroundradiation"  
Growing out of the series of events, the exhibition entitled BROADCASTING presents working processes, requisites of and installations related to performances. Art is not mute - the sound archive initiated by Ersta Konsthall Stockholm will be accessible and is open for new entries during the exhibition. The workshops and talks
organized in the Freeshop space of the exhibition present recycling techniques and include lectures on alternative economic and ecologic thinking. Virtual City - a project in collaboration with international artists and local communities serves as a discursive platform dealing with matters of rehabilitation of public space.